The Unusual & Crazy Hair Trend Hair Stenciling

Hair is the only thing which goes under frequent experiments and changes. Every other day new hair trend blows up on Instagram and people want to get that look. The highly trending trend these days is Hair Stencilling.

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Stencilled hair is what we are talking about using a stencil to dye a specific design onto your hair which is made popular by hair genius Janine Ker at Salon Aguayo. Janine draws sketches to inspire her designs using Sharpies and coloured pencils on a canvas for the full effect, before turning them into real-life hair creations.


This genius lady has dyed subtle designs like polka dots and bubbles as well as bold designs including lotus flowers and geometric figures onto her client’s hair.


This trend is certainly here to stay for sometime now. It is like a dream come true for the people who always wanted to make patterns and designs onto their hair, well ladies and gents the time is here, choose a design and get it stencilled!


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