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Upcoming artists that we just can’t get enough of!

When we speak about raw talent within Pakistan, there is an endless list of youngsters that have now levelled up and started producing content that certainly makes us feel proud. These individuals have made the most of their time when the world was going through a pandemic, to create music that is hip, catchy, unique, and of course loved by mass audiences.

It is wonderful to see such eclectic ideas come to life with such simple yet creative concepts and a natural flow of music plus immaculate sound production design.

Here are a few upcoming artists that have made waves within the Pakistani industry. They are surely making a place for their music’s niche amongst the heart of Pakistani people and have risen to fame!

Hasan Raheem

Now those of you who tell me they are not familiar with the infamous ‘Aisay Kaisay’ singer are not welcome to the club. However, I know that the numbers wouldn’t be low as this young boy known as Hasan Raheem has acquired a loyal fanbase due to his brilliant productions. This soon to be doctor from Gilgit (Yes, you read this right) has quite a subtle, chill, and melodious vibe to his music and is the opposite of loud!


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His famous tracks include Aisay Kaisay, Joona and Paisa with his latest release called Sweetu featuring Maanu. I absolutely love the unconventional approach he takes to create memorable music!

Natasha Noorani

This diverse indie singer, songwriter and voice over artist has certainly set the bar for new wave music in Pakistan as someone who is pursuing contemporary pop music. Her videos are a striking blend of Billie Eilish and Lady Gaga’s aesthetics with a voice to die for. Her song Ikisvi Saddi hits right in the feels!


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The video for her latest song Choro is worth watching!


Who doesn’t know this quirky and energetic performer that once started his journey with an acoustic guitar and open mic nights. He now sings for large crowds, entertaining them with his catchy songs. Be it Mann Main Tu, Pyaar Ata Jaata hai or Dou Pal featuring Maanu, there isn’t one song of Taha G’s that his fans don’t sing along to!


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He has certainly grown alot and I am sure he will keep on shining the way he does.


Maanu Music

Maanu rose to fame with his brilliant sense of aesthetics for videos and creating music with relatable or feel-good lyrics. His song Dou Pal in collaboration with Taha G, is an absolute crowd favourite. He has also collaborated with Hasan Raheem for his track Sweetu.

His song Melancholic stands out because of the cinematics as well as brilliant sound production.


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These artists are young, hip and relatable. They are loved and welcomed with open arms by the music industry and I can surely say they’re onto bigger things with their vision.

Until next time!

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