Ushna shah’s reply to Meera’s tweet is not really a good sign

ushna's reply on meera's tweet

Ushna Shah is one of the finest actresses of Pakistan, her acting in Alif Allah aur Insaan is no doubt her best till now. But she is in the headlines for another reason, her daring statements about Pakistan Showbiz. First, Hamza Ali Abbasi expressed his rage against her. And then Meera Jee twitted how she felt bad about Ushna’s comment on the industry.

Ushna certainly did not like what Meera said;

meera tweet

Ushna replied,“Did Meera even read the status? Nowhere have I insulted the media. She needs to fire her translator. Also I don’t know who feeds her but Allah feeds me.”

Ushna got angry that Meera twisted her words as she didn’t criticize the industry or did not mention anything against media. Now let’s wait what Meera has to say about all this.


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