Vaseline – Your Best Friend!


This tiny little jar could be found in every household, but till now for only one reason – chapped lips. You have no idea what more wonders it can do to you. Here are 7 beauty hacks with Vaseline that you can try other than fixing your chapped lips.

1- For The Lashes 


Apply it on your lashes before applying mascara, it will make your lashes look longer and thicker and off course mascara won’t smudge the lashes.

2 – Lippie Remover


No makeup remover no issues, simply apply vaseline to your lips and remove it with a tissue.

3- Gel Liner 


Feeling sad to throw your dry gel liner? No worries, simply mix some amount of vaseline in it and use it for days.

4- Get Rid Of Fly-Aways


If you ever ran out of hair spray or gel, apply some vaseline to fix your hair. Isn’t it cool?

5- Ashy Elbows


Moisturize your elbows with some Vaseline to avoid them being ashy and dry.

6- Easy To Wear Earrings


If earrings are being a problem, apply some at the tips of the earring and wear them easily.

7- Cover Your Split Ends


I am sure you would have never thought of covering your split ends with vaseline. Well, this is a perfect temporary solution.


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