Veena Malik will host a show for BOL Network

Veena Malik will host a show for BOL Network

The queen of melodrama and controversies Veena Malik always try to stay in the limelight. Be it her stint of taking a divorce or patching up again, the recent past has been flooded with Malik’s attempts to regain the long lost spotlight. Because, why not? She is making her comeback to the industry.

However, this time Veena Malik is coming in a different avatar. The former Bigg Boss contestant will be seen hosting a new TV Show of BOL Network, “PAK LIVE With Veena Malik.”

The news was first revealed by Malik’s husband Asad Khattak, who took to Twitter in order to congratulate his wife:

The talk show by Veena will be aired on BOL’s newly introduced channel, PAK.

Earlier, Ms. Malik released two music tracks Aye Dushman-e-Watan and her own rendition of national anthem, which were a tribute on Pakistan Day.

Seems that after a long break Veena Malik is trying to bag whatever project comes her way. But, the question is that on what basis did BOL hire Ms. Malik, because all we know is that her resume is pretty limited.

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