When Atif Aslam goes out on the search of Halal food. . .

When Atif Aslam goes out on the search of Halal food. . .

Atif Aslam, who is out and about the world for his tours, is in dire search of Halal food. From state to state, the singer is roaming for his singing tours and is currently in Zurich, Switzerland but can’t seem to find something Halal to eat for Sehri.

The singer posted this video on Instagram on early morning, Friday notifying people of his search for Halal Food. He found that on time or not is still unknown, but many Insta followers from Switzerland came for his rescue and advised him places to eat. He took them or not, we also don’t know that too.

Other than this, he also told his followers that it feels great for not being recognized among the public as a famed celebrity. We clearly know what would have happened if Atif had embarked on this Sehri journey in Pakistan. But, he further went on to clarify that he would never be unthankful for the recognition he has got.

All we could do is hope that Atif found a good enough food to devour in Sehri and Aftar for the rest of his stay.


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