Paresh Rawal backtracks from his statement of working in Pakistan

Paresh Rawal backtracks from his statement of working in Pakistan

Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal was recently all over the headlines on his statement regarding the interest of working in Pakistani entertainment industry. But, now he has safely backtracked and has stated that he was misquoted by the media.

The veteran comic star has taken a U-turn and has come out with an entirely different statement, contradicting the previous one:

“I just said that I liked Pakistan’s TV serial Humsafar but never said ours are boring. I only said ours are a little slow.” 

He further went on to say that he never interpreted the statements that are being done in the way now in media. His previous statement was:

Yes, I would definitely say yes if I get offer from Pakistan, I love their dramas and shows and now they are working hard to make better films. The way they act, their stories and language is just too good and I feel our shows are boring and need strong content.”

For us, it seems like mere attention seeking tactics. Though, the actor turned politician is still adamant on pulling off the ban from Pakistani artistes.

All we can guess is that Mr. Rawal played safe after his first statement went far and wide, garnering a lot of attention. He must have sensed the impending disaster or would have received threat from the ever extremist Indian citizens.


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