Victims of sexual assault are survivors every day

Victims of sexual assault are survivors every day

If someone intentionally grabs or touches you in a sexual way that you do not like, or you’re forced to kiss someone or do something else sexual against your will, this is classed as sexual assault.

Someone who is strong and has overcome  one of life’s greatest obstacles. They’ve done the treatments. They’ve gone to counseling to work through it but about the victims of sexual assault?

Most of us think that the most effective way to ‘survive’ is to go through a long and extremely emotional court case. Where only seven out of a thousand cases even go to court.

Why does the reaction of friends and family change when a victim of sexual assault share what happened to them. They no longer joke with them about simple things they stop reaching out to them  just because they, “Don’t know how to talk to you anymore.”

Or worst of all, ask questions that make it sound like its their fault. God!

Instead of criticizing them and blaming them for not wearing the right clothes appreciate them for coming forward. It’s not because the victim is being manipulative or trying to “ruin things” for everyone else. Usually, it’s because the person finally feels safe enough to talk.

Embrace the victim, tell him or her that s/he has your support, and work on finding a time that you can really devote your attention to the survivor.



Fareeha Imdad

Assistant Editor/ Columnist, Existentialist, Shopaholic, Feminist killjoy,

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