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VIDEO: Its okay to let your daughter die in Pakistan because she is not a “SON”

VIDEO: Its okay to let your daughter die in Pakistan because she is not a "SON"

Just another day and I was uselessly scrolling down my news feed, when a video suddenly caught my eye and I couldn’t believe that despite of all the hopes and believes, Pakistani society is still standing where it used to, Centuries Ago! Just a day and this video has been plastered all across the social media, where Doctor is portraying the harsh reality that parents left their newborn daughter in a hospital to die, refusing to permit her to be shifted to ventilator for better health, because.. Well because, she was not a SON!

Here is the video in which the Dr. is explaining the entire situation and the deteriorating condition of the brave, little child who couldn’t breathe on her own.

Her parents were asked to provide the consent on which they kept neglecting the hospital visit even after more than 100 calls, leaving their daughter on the mercy of Doctors. From 1 at night to 4 in the morning, Doctors and the hospital administration did all they could to protect the child through medicines and injections while waiting for the parents to give go ahead for the ventilator, but they never showed up on time.

Here is another video of the sweet, little baby:

Before people start jumping on why the Dr. did not take the decision of putting the child on ventilator, the certain hospital did not have the facility and parents were already acknowledged about the situation, but they still didn’t make their way on time.

Why? How can be parents so ruthless? What could be more important than the life of your own child? What emergency could come to the way of rescuing a part of your own self? Couldn’t they see their tiny, little daughter writhing and squirming without oxygen? What is the difference between a daughter and a son, when they are given to you by Allah and Allah only! Weren’t your heart shattering into million pieces when you heard that your baby girl is in critical condition? Weren’t you quivering to just run and take her in your own arms? I am still unable to comprehend the fact that you would choose her to die and prefer your night’s sleep over such an innocent, naive soul.

Where are we heading as a society and as a nation? We, very proudly flaunt ourselves to be the preachers of Islam, have forgotten that both Girl and Boy have been bestowed with equal importance by Almighty Allah, so why are you we choosing one over the other due to just a change in gender. Please, Please wake up, its time you take stand for the right and do justice to those who are being neglected. Please stop taking innocent lives so trivial, please stop killing them.

As far as health of the child is concerned, she could not survive this brutal period, her parents will be accountable to the end for such a torture.

In the end, what resonates in my mind right now is an infamous line by Manto, but this single phrase carries weight of millions:

“Beti koi paida nahi karna chahta lekin bistar par saray mard aurat chahtay hain.”

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