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Video of PML-N senator ‘groping’ a young girl during Karachi protest raises a lot of questions

Just days after multiple child abuse reports being surfaced and the nation coming out for justice, it is extremely unfortunate to witness a video of a politician “groping” a young girl in Karachi. The cringe worthy video has caused huge uproar on social media.

The video was circulated on several Facebook pages with the lawmaker being identified as Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Nisar Muhammad. He is a member of the Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights.

In the video Nisar can be seen addressing protesters who had congregated in Sohrab Goth area against the alleged extrajudicial killing of Naqeebullah Mehsud.

In the small clip, the senator can be seen touching the girl’s face, arms, hands and shoulder, as the girl continued to stand beside him with her arms crossed. If you take a closer look, the terrified girl who has come out to demand justice looks really uncomfortable.

The video has spread like fire and raised a lot of questions, while the entire scenario created rage. There were very few who defended the act as an expression of sympathy. I am extremely sorry to affirm that I do not see any sympathy or even empathy in this act. Support or sympathy doesn’t require physical interaction.

The innocent girl draped in a huge dupatta definitely did not opt for this, all she wanted was justice. Having said that, rather than targeting the entire system, a political party or ethnicity,  I believe this shameful act belongs to the individual who does it. I am ascertain no party or ethnicity supports such cruel acts. On the other hand it is really shameful that no one stood up to protect the girl and stop the horrendous act.

My question remains are we dead as a nation, or are we just cowards. We need to come out of our comfort zone and protect our children and future generation, or else face destruction the choice is yours!

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