Waqar Zaka reveals the real reason behind the chaos in Atif Aslam’s concert

Waqar Zaka reveals the real reason behind the chaos in Atif Aslam's concert

Atif Aslam’s concert organized at Karachi’s Pavilion End Club turned into a complete chaos on Sunday, reportedly leaving three injured. People did not not know what actually happened, but all they got to do was to run for their dear life, as nobody wants to get injured at a place where you just come for enjoyment. But, the event host Waqar Zaka has finally something to tell everyone on Snapchat:

According to Waqar Zaka, the entire reason behind the utter mismanagement that happened lies solely on the event organizers. He has revealed that nearly “six” security companies were present for the protocol of the stars, and instead of protecting they themselves indulged in fighting.

The sound manager who tried to subdue the situation became the topic of fire, as his head was smashed by the security personnel due to which the venue had to be evacuated at the earnest.

Cherry on top, Atif Aslam had to be rescued from the stage in the midst of his performance while the other performer of the night Ali Zafar did not even get to sing a beat or two.

Waqar Zaka’s video is an eye-opening message for all the organizers and managers of the events who loot people in the name of concerts and in the end leave them with nothing but chaos and disruption.


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