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WARNING! These 5 Food Products Are Causing ‘CANCER’

Are you an insane snack lover? Or, you have the tendency to ignore everything healthy and get attracted to the ‘packet food’. This news may come as upsetting to you! The popular snacks most of our kids love contain different types of artificial colours and flavours which may be harmful to them.

Tartrazine, and Red 40, are the commonly used food dyes which are made from ‘Petroleum’. The dyes have been linked to causing serious diseases like cancer, allergies, and hyperactivity. Let’s take a look at the popular products which are petroleum-based:

Fruit Snacks:

WARNING! These 5 Food Products Are Causing 'CANCER'

The colour used in these snacks is ‘Erythrosine’. It is already banned in cosmetics because it harms skin, so how could we just eat it? And, believe me fruit snacks are the star of candies.

Pop Tarts:

WARNING! These 5 Food Products Are Causing 'CANCER'

Pop Tarts are another snack which are loved by kids and adults, alike. They contain corn syrup, dextrose, sugar and high fructose corn syrup. These all lead to diabetes, sugar addiction and severe liver problems in children.


WARNING! These 5 Food Products Are Causing 'CANCER'

It pains me to say that M&M’s are one big part of this list too. You can term them as most harmful among the lot! The excessive eating can lead to  brain tumors and intense hyperactivity. These may lead to cancer.


WARNING! These 5 Food Products Are Causing 'CANCER'

Cheetos consists of an artificial colouring which comes from Petroleum. On the other hand, the yummy cheesy flavor comes from methyl benzoate and ethyl methylphenidate. A lot to digest, from your favorite chips!

Teddy Grahams:

WARNING! These 5 Food Products Are Causing 'CANCER'

Teddy Grahams are the teeny tiny bears which are very pleasant to the tongue. However, they are laced with TBHQ, which causes stomach cancer, anxiety and lung cancer.

The artificial colouring and un-synthetic food products are slowly damaging your children. Replace them with something worthy and healthy!

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