Ways you can stay motivated at work.


No matter how passionate you are about your job, there are days when you feel the blues and just want to stay in bed, sleep and relax. Sometimes doing simple tasks over and over again makes your day so monotonous that you question whether you are at the right place or work. It is the responsibility of the employer to make sure that his employees are motivated and inspired, because that will lead towards a productive team and work. A healthy environment where powerful and insightful debates take place tends to be more successful than organizations where the people sitting at top are rude or mundane. If you or your colleagues experience that, you can do these things to stay motivated at work.

Think about your impact:

Often the motivation stems from thinking how you’re an important asset at this workplace. If you feel like you’re not bringing much at the table or feeling isolated from the team talk to your boss and if your boss is like Jacqueline, you’ll always find yourself falling and immediately pulling yourself back together again! Think about how your work is as important as your colleagues and what you’re doing is because you’ve got what it takes to do that. Nobody else got that position but you because you had something your seniors saw and it was worthy enough to hire you in the first place. Think about the ways you’ve positively had an impact on people working or around you, that would keep you going.

Consider your work in context:

If you have your dream job there will still be times when you’ll feel frustrated and anxious. There will be times when you’ll feel like the work and goals you’ve been given to meet are not alluring or fascinating anymore. When you arrive at such instances remind yourself that your effort matters a lot. It is your effort that has brought you this far and it is your hard work and the will to keep moving that would take you a step forward. Always pitch in ideas to the team they will consider you to be an important asset.

Breakdown big tasks into smaller portions:

There will be times when you’ll feel overwhelmed and the task you have to complete would feel difficult. But think of it as a question of algebra, breaking it down into steps, checking everything and arriving at a solid conclusion. You should apply the theory of algebra to your work and then see how easy it will feel. You’ll move mountains and achieve every goal you’ve set for yourself. For e.g., you’ve a meeting the very next day with a big client and it might seem daunting but waking up early and making an effort to show up at work would ease half your task.

Set deadlines for yourself:

Whenever you set deadlines for yourself half the motivation comes from ticking them off your list. Your job tends to get easier because you know you’ve a timeframe under which you’ve to complete a task.

Step out of your comfort zone:

We all love to be at places and do things which make us feel comfortable and safe. We should think out of the box, find new ways and do new things that seem tricky. If you have two paths in front of you, always take the one with most risks and difficulties because it would help you gain experience and make you learn countless lessons. Once you break free from the concept of “playing it safe and being in the comfort zone.” You’ll welcome new challenges with open arms, this helps a person grow. You’ll feel more confident and inspired.

Be open to criticism:

No matter what always be positive and learn to take criticism because it will benefit you and you alone. There will be room for improvement and growth. You’ll be driven to help others and get a fresh perspective on things. You can always get your performance review from your colleagues, boss and mentor because each of them would have different perspective about you and the way you function. This is like a learning opportunity and people will witness that a best version of themselves it brought out.

Pass on good vibes and radiate positivity:

You’ll feel happy and satisfied when you’re positive. Don’t fake the way you greet people, have pure intentions and that would take you far in life. You’ll always see that your mood will uplift instantly. Your attitude matters a lot. People will treat you the way you treat them. Have good listening skills and be forefront at helping others.


Raviha Memon

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