If you wear a hair band on your wrist, STOP IT now

If you wear a hair band on your wrist, STOP IT now

Many of us have a habit of wearing a hairband on our wrist especially at work because it’s right there when we need to tie our hair. But who knew it can be dangerous. A girl on facebook named: ‘Audree Kopp’ post warning people to not wear hair bands or hair tie on their wrist. She used to tie hairband on her wrist. Suddenly noted that her right wrist swells up and turn red after she wore a glittery hair tie around her wrist.

She got scared when her red lump became bigger and redder, even antibiotics weren’t working. Without wasting time, she rushed to the hospital. Doctors revealed that there were three strains of bacteria infecting her wrist. Immediately doctors operated her lump and drain the pus out of it. Audrey said: I didn’t believe this first, I thought a spider bite or something else not from wearing “hair- tie”. Have a look to the video in which she revealed how she got rid from these infected bacteria.


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