There’s only one reason why you must watch “The Mummy Reboot”

Almost after nine years, The Mummy Reboot is back again at the box-office, and this time, it’s Tom Cruise who is shouldering the burden of all the expectations. He has kept himself as fit as any newcomer has performed reasonably in the film.

The film is a good viewing pleasure because of Tom Cruise in it, but as it moves ahead and more action starts to come your way, you realize over time that it’s the same ‘Mission Impossible’ stunts which you’ll see in the film. The entertainment value in the film is not as we expected after watching the trailer of the movie.
If you’d ask for just one reason to watch this film, then we’d say Sophia Boutella is the one who deserves your visit to theatres. She has looked mesmerizing on-screen as she transitions from a disgusting, bizarre monster to a Goddess of Seduction.

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