Weave the tale of Summer – Your fashion tells a story

Weave the tale of Summer – Your fashion tells a story

Take yourself to the vacation of your dreams, where the sun shines, the dappled light filters through leaves and reflects off the lakes, a haveli is where you reside, a queen of splendor, dressed in the most luxurious fabrics.

At Almirah, you can tell your story of style. We weave a tale of summer from luxurious fabrics, flattering cuts, inspired prints and trendy colors, perfect for the modern woman who likes to tell a story with what she wears.

At Almirah, we take pride in our selection of styles and colors. Each cloth is made with meticulous attention and detail – and there is always something exciting to look for in an Almirah style. From jump suits, to tunics to on-trend tops, we think outside the box, pushing the envelope of what you can get from an unstitched piece of cloth. What you do with it is where you tale of summer begins…

For men we have classic styles with the signature Almirah touch. Intricate embroidery, the best fabric and cut and sew details make our men’s collection one of the most coveted collections in the fashion world.

So take a leap of faith and weave your tale. The summer season is one to be daring in, to try something new, and tell a story no one has ever told before. So get weaving, we are eagerly waiting to hear your tale.


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