Were Indias religious sentiments hurt?

Comedy Nights with Kapil

Indian police have arrested a prominent entertainer for culpable religious suppositions after he mirrored a questionable otherworldly master on a network show, an authority said on Wednesday.

Kiku Sharda, 40, was sent to legal guardianship for 14 days by a court in northern Haryana state after he was captured in Mumbai late Tuesday, a senior cop told AFP.

“A police group captured the denounced at a TV studio in Mumbai toward the end of last night taking after a protestation recorded by one of the master’s supporters,” he said.

Sharda, who imitated a guru  in a TV appearance on December 27, has apologized for his act, saying it was only aimed for entertaining audiences.

“I was given a dress, a script to read and directed to act,” he was quoted by the Press Trust of India news agency


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