What Are You Talking About Fawad, Girls Would Have Thrown Themselves At You!

Since drama and music days, Fawad Khan has been talk of the town for his looks and attitude. After doing his first Bollywood film, Khoobsurat he gained all the attention he always wanted to have.fawad-sadaf-1-1467373999
This one woman man fell in love at the age of 17 and married Sadaf in 2005, which didn’t leave a single chance for him to live a life of a “single ready to mingle” guy. But now it seems like he realized that he secretly wishes to be single too. Obviously, working with such amazing co-stars has provoked the idea.



He gave a statement that he would’ve hit on anything that moves if he wasn’t married. He also said that when you live with a person, you get to know them in and out. You get to find out so much more, evolve together and learn each other’s deepest darkest secrets, and still be okay with it—and that’s the best part. He said it all with the reference of his marital life.

Well, let me get this thing straight here, Mr. Hottie we were ever ready to throw us at you. Keep rocking that hotness, you are one hell of a man.


FHM Pakistan

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