What makes Brad Pitt think that he would never make it to Bollywood?

What makes Brad Pitt think that he would never make it to Bollywood?

While on a visit to India to promote his new movie ‘War Machine’, Brad Pitt told Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan that he doesn’t think that he would ever make it in Bollywood. And apparently the reason behind that he doesn’t have the moves to star in Bollywood films.

“I wouldn´t make it Bollywood because I can´t dance or sing,” said the American actor during an event with Khan in front of journalists in India’s capital, Mumbai.

Bollywood Hindi language movies are renowned for elaborate dance sequences and high-energy songs and Khan responded by telling Pitt he could easily learn.

“We can make anyone dance. I just spread my arms and do nothing, that’s a step,” joked King Khan.

Pitt, arrived in Mumbai from Japan early on Wednesday for the latest stop on a promotional tour for Netflix movie ‘War Machine’.

The satirical war film, in which Pitt plays a hubristic United States general, releases on the popular streaming site on Friday.

Pitt visited India to attend and promote his film, directed by David Michod, in Mumbai later on Wednesday. However, it was the actor’s second high-profile visit to India after he accompanied ex-wife Jolie during her filming of “A Mighty Heart” in 2006.

Earlier this month Pitt opened up on his divorce from Jolie, admitting that heavy drinking had contributed to the breakdown of his marriage.


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