Who killed Her??

                            A man gunned down a woman for not accepting his marriage proposal


A man allegedly killed a girl in the precincts of Golra Police Station on Saturday. According to details, Sakhi Muhammad, a resident of Golra lodged a complaint with the local police that accused Munawar Khan came to his home to propose his daughter Shazia. Over his refusal, he abducted his daughter and took her to his home where he opened fire on her and fled from the scene. The police have registered a case and started investigation.

Marriage in Islam is viewed as an important and sacred union between a man and woman that fulfills half of one’s religious obligations.


There are basic requirements for marriage in Islam. First, a couple must mutually consent to the marriage. This requires both a clear proposal and acceptance but in today’s society men are more dominant in marriage issues; they have been asked about making any decision before marriage but in women’s case it’s only implemented. A woman also must have a wali or legal guardian present during the process. If a wali is not present a woman must be past puberty and competent to make the decision to marry. But sadly in different areas of our society women don’t get their actual rights which leads to complications and entanglement towards women in Pakistan.

At some point i  don’t agree with the our society’s backward Perspective because women has got a power and no one can let that power down since women is gratified by our almighty ALLAH, It is extremely unfortunate that lawlessness is prevailing and parents have no security when it comes to sending their daughters to school or to work.

If this trend doesn’t stop, parents will have to confine their daughters to their homes to avoid such unfortunate incident.


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