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Why do girls need to be financially independent?

In the society where we live in, we face constant gender discrimination whenever the topic of financial stability and growth comes in. In real life, where everyone is in a race, why can’t people accept the fact that being a women she can figure out how to deal with her cost s. There is a percentage of our general public where people actually are moderate and have a narrow view on this. Either a girl is dependent upon her family or she needs to get hitched for a stable financial life ahead. Other than that if she has the confidence to go out and earn a respectful earning for herself and her family, she is either accused of being bold & steadfast or the people around simply begin hate speech against her and the family. Why does she have to face such criticism from individuals who ought to be really glad for her.

I heard a young lady portray her story last evening and it remained with me.

She discussed how her Dad would consistently sit on the eating table where the sun wouldn’t inconvenience him. He would consistently sit his back pointing toward the sun

Furthermore, every other person would’ve need to sit where the sun would inconvenience them.

The young lady would consistently ask her dad for what good reason does he will choose where he sits?

Furthermore, he said “whoever brings in cash will choose where they sit” And it was in a real sense the greatest life exercise I’ve at any point heard and it constrained her to be monetarily autonomous so she could choose in her life where she will sit. I don’t think there is any explanation better than that for all my lovely young ladies to zero in on creating abilities so they can be monetarily free.

Ladies who are monetarily free can not just add to the ordinary costs of the family, yet additionally help to meet the family’s monetary objectives. We need to see the value in each lady out there who not just goes out and battle with the general public yet additionally figures out how to deal with her family admirably. What’s more, still she never gripes for even once. To feel mindful and help resolve: Financially autonomous individuals are fit for taking their own choices and don’t need to rely upon anyone.

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