Why do girls need to be financially independent?

In a society where we are living in, there is always gender discrimination on the topic where finance comes. The world where everyone is in a race why can’t people learn that despite of being a woman or a girl she can learn how to manage her expenses. There is a part of our society where people still are conservative and have a narrow view on this. Either a woman is dependent on her family or she needs to get married for a financial support system. Other than that if she get goes out for earning and manages to stand in the society full of men. She is either accused of being a bold one or society starts hating her for standing for herself. Why she faces so much criticism from people who should be actually happy for her.

I heard a girl narrate her story last night and it stayed with me.

She talked about how her Dad would always sit on the side of the dining table where the sun wouldn’t trouble him. He would always sit his back facing the sun

And everyone else would’ve have to sit where the sun would trouble them.

The girl would always ask her father why does he get to decide where he sits?

And he said “whoever earns money gets to decide where they sit” And it was literally the biggest life lesson I’ve ever heard and it compelled her to be financially independent so she could decide in her life where she gets to sit. I don’t think there is any reason better than that for all my beautiful girls to focus on developing skills so they can be financially independent.

Women who are financially independent can not only contribute to the everyday expenses of the household, but also help to meet the family’s financial goals. We need to appreciate every woman out there who not only goes out and fight with the society but also manages to handle her household wisely. And still she never complains for even once. To feel responsible and boost morale: Financially independent people are capable of taking their own decisions and don’t have to depend on anybody.


Aleena Salman

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