Why do some people have white spots on their teeth?

Why do some people have white spots on their teeth?

There are a lot of people who have white spots on their teeth and luckily some of them don’t. But ever wondered why it occurs? Do they hurt or ache? Is this some sort of a disease?

Lets figure it out!

According to research, there are a few different causes of spots on the teeth, first, if the spots have been present ever since you were a child, this may be due to some disruption in the enamel formation at that time. Enamel hypoplasia in newly forming teeth which is very common, and also known as hyperfluorosis, white spots caused from ingesting too much fluoride.

However, if the spots are new and appeared on fully formed adult teeth, the culprit may be plaque build-up, which can cause hard, scaly spots near the gum line and make the teeth look discolored. And this may exactly be what you are seeing. However, a thorough dental cleaning can help remove this plaque and decrease the discoloration.

Another cause which is most concerning, the beginning stages of tooth decay or cavities can sometimes look like white spots. As bacteria produce acids that digest and look like white spots, as the bacteria produce acids that digest and thin out the tooth enamel, the enamel may begin to look white.

However, I would definitely suggest that you set up a visit with your dentist. They will be able to take a look at the spots and figure out if some treatment is needed.


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