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Winter skin care myths

You know how sun and surf affect your skin. But when cold weather comes, you may think your only concern is keeping your toes warm — but guess what? Winter creates a unique set of skin-care needs. Read on to bust common winter skin myths.

Myth: The thicker the cream, the better it hydrates.

Fact: Concentrated doesn’t necessarily equal optimum hydration, an overdose of lipids can actually trap dead cells and leave skin looking more dull. Instead, layering a serum under your cream for an added boost of hydration. Although they feel much lighter on skin, serums are super concentrated and are absorbed easily.

Myth: Exfoliating in winter exacerbates dry patches.

Fact: “Have you ever wiped away pieces of dry skin just to see double the amount reemerge after a few seconds? If your skin is trying to shed itself, there’s a reason—so don’t fight it. By wiping away those dead skin cells, you’re actually removing the dry patches. Two more benefits: acne-free skin and a brighter complexion.

Myth: Steamy showers impart moisture to dry skin.

Fact: Exposure to hot water with temperatures over 98.6 degrees causes blood vessel dilation that results in water loss throughout the epidermis. Because we all know that avoiding hot showers is almost impossible this time of year, keep it under five minutes and use a soap-free body wash.

Myth: Indoor heating is the cause behind winter dryness.

Fact: It’s not so much the heat as the amount of moisture in the air. Being that warmer air has the capacity to hold the most moisture, cold air naturally has a lower humidity, meaning that it carries little moisture. When this cold air is heated inside, the temperature is increased, but not the moisture level. Even though you have the same levels of moisture inside as outside, it will be much drier inside because now the warmer air can potentially hold more moisture, resulting in lower relative humidity and a faster water evaporation rate.

Myth: Lip balm is addictive.

Fact: No, there won’t be weekly meetings of Lip Balm Addicts Anonymous anytime soon. While applying lip balm can be habit-forming, lip balm does not contain any ingredients capable of causing a true physiological addiction. A common problem cause is that wearers simply become accustomed to the feel of the wax on their lips.

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