Woman gets HIV, 10 years after a manicure at Nail Salon

Woman gets HIV, 10 years after a manicure at Nail Salon

We all know that HIV Virus is usually transmitted to the body through the use of unprotected needles and infected blood, amongst the other reasons. But, there might be a new addition to this list of causes. In a new breakthrough, it has been revealed that a Brazilian woman caught HIV after using an infected nail clipper at a Manicure Salon.

As completely detailed in a medical journal, transmission of the disease through used nail clippers is a recently discovered form. On the other hand, researchers have also exposed that the transmission of this disease through manicure equipment is a ‘very rare event’ and the risk of infection from the clippers is also very low.

Coming to the Brazilian woman who got infected in the very first case, her blood levels were in nominal range but when she took the tests, there were signs of extremely high viral load. She was tested for various causes through which this disease could be caught, along with her mother being tested for the same reason too. However, later it was found that she had used the same manicure clipper at a nail salon as her cousin, who was indicted as HIV-positive, about ten years ago.

After the traces of HIV were found in the woman, her samples along with cousins’ were analyzed. After a complete examination and study, doctors concluded that the viral genetic material found in both the infected were identical, which means that she contracted the disease through a simple nail clipper.

The Centre For Disease And Control Prevention (CDC) does not include nail clippers on the list of HIV-spreading mechanisms.


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