Women can cope with heart attack better than men

Women can cope with heart attack better than men

A new research has found that women are more likely to survive or control the pain of heart attack, as compared to men. Although, in general, men have the tendency to cope with pain more than women, but the latter are more likely to bear the scientific pain of a heart attack.

What’s more is that women are more likely to suffer a ‘silent heart attack’; meaning that it can often go undiagnosed. However, not being able to diagnose a heart attack on proper time is hazardous for the health of affected.

The researchers studied the pain tolerance of 4,849 adults by immersing their hands in cold water at 3C (37F) for up to two minutes. The team also used ECG scanners to see whether a patient had suffered a heart attack in the past or not. They found that those who can control the pain for a long period of time were most likely to have suffered a ‘silent’ heart attack in the past, for which they had never been diagnosed. The link between pain threshold and silent heart attack was stronger among women.

Dr. Andrea Ohrn, of the University of Tromso in Norway, said: ‘It is unknown why some people experience heart attacks without symptoms. One possible explanation for the absence of chest pain is high pain tolerance.’

After this research was concluded, it was found that fewer women had suffered heart attacks than men, accounting to 7 per cent compared with 19 per cent. Moreover, the symptoms of heart attacks were different in women than in men, which make them less prone to be affected by it.


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