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Women’s Acceptance At WorkPlace

Working at a female dominated work place, it is very easy for me to state that women are treated and accepted equally as men are. 

However, the majority is to differ, because in over 95% of workplace, that is not true, in-fact it’s quite the opposite. 

People often say give an statement that their workplace has equal or almost the same number of women as men. 

I’m sure that’s true! But what they don’t understand is; that “hiring” and “accepting” are two completely unrelated things. 

Women do get hired! Mostly because either they are the perfect candidate and they company has not better option or because of the rules set by the company. These companies claim to be hiring women but most men the working at the same place are those who are neglecting and not giving the importance these women deserve. 

I’m going to give you all something to think about; Why is it that men have such a hard time accepting women in the same work environment as them ? Is this to do with their “manliness” or their insecurities! 

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