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World leaders & their super expensive watches

For a lot of men, timepieces are one of the few ways to show off personal style, and it’s no different for world leaders.

Barack Obama                            

Barack Obama wore Tag Heuer’s Aquaracer for a long time (the vintage form that Obama has is esteemed at $15,600). On his 46th birthday celebration, Obama got an extensive dark dialed Jorg Gray chronograph from his Secret Service operators that were bought in the Secret Service representatives’ store for $210, and that is the thing that he has been wearing from that point onward. At the point when Obama needs to wear something sportier, he settles on Highgear’s Enduro Compass advanced watch.

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton may have worn a plastic Timex Ironman when he was in the White House, but since leaving the Oval Office Clinton has shown his true stripes as a watch collector. Clinton has at least three Kobolds, which start at $2,850, a Cartier Santos-Dumont valued at $12,600, a Panerai Luminor and a Roger Dubuis watch.

Shinzo Abe

He is seen with different Seiko watches in his appearances and in this photograph, he is seen with a Seiko Automatic 29 Jewel SARC013 with day/date, and power hold marker. He has likewise been spotted with other Seiko watches that has GPS abilities however this is our most loved model that he’s been wearing. At 39mm, it is anything but an engaging piece however unquestionably grasps his position on supporting the homeland first.

Justin Trudeau

He’s known as a very fashion-forward and stylish world leader, and it’s not surprising he has a stylish and very eye-catching watch as well: an IWC Portuguese Regulateur. A ‘regulateur’ is unique, because it indicates the hour separately from the minutes, in their own hour window located at 12 o’clock, with a second indicator located at 6 o’clock and the minute hand taking precedence of the entire wrist real estate. 43mm requires a big wrist in order for it to look like it belongs to the wearer and requires confidence, which this world leader has.

 Queen Elizabeth II

Clearly, a woman who knows her place is more fitting for her than a watch of royal presence: A Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse. The watch is very thin and not imposing at 30mm and has a subdued and classic presence to the wearer.

Vladimir Putin

His macho picture is intelligent of his wrist amusement, as he’s been envisioned with probably the most costly and confounded watches at any point known. One most loved of the GW team is the Blancpain Aqua Lung. This restricted version watch has a 40mm case and is 100m water safe with a storied plunging inheritance from Blancpain. The Blancpain is an uncommon piece and evocates his intense person picture that is known all through the world.


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