Here are some of the WORST opening lines women have received on Tinder

And just like that, one day women were asked if they would want to share the most worst yet hilarious openers they have received on Tinder, and within no time most of them had a collection of screenshots ready for us to see and now show you.

That’s right, when you say stupid shit, women will not hesitate to screenshot on sight. Also, they’re definitely showing friends said screenshots. so, here’s something for you to laugh about all day long!

Here are some of the most hilarious opening lines women have received on Tinder

“Soo I have to tell you that I’m not good at predicting weather… but even with it being spring, you can still expect 7″ on any given night”

“You have a lot of facial pics, which are nice, but too many girls try to hide what they look like. Can I see a full body pic?”

“*Normal greeting*… *Doesn’t receive response*… I hate when people don’t reply. What is going on in your mind? You don’t care? You have so many guys contacting you? Is this some kind of manipulation by delaying response? So narcissistic and disrespectful.”

Okay, so you know basically NOTHING about the person you have just messaged and you’re into delusions that she has something big planned in her mind, to manipulate you or something? I mean, are you even in your right minds?

Here are some of the most hilarious opening lines women have received on Tinder

“Well you look kinky as fuck! Like your tats as well, a bit different from the norm.”

“How long have you been on Tinder?… Well, may I be the first to offer you money for sex?”

It’s pretty obvious why that didn’t work. I think, one, it narrows women’s trust in the process.

And last but not the least…“Hey there Tinderella.” Why couldn’t he have died before even pressing the send button? I mean SERIOUSLY?!



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