Yasir Hussain roped in Amna Ilyas for his web series Kaala Bichoo

yasir hussain amna illyas

We all know how talented Yasir Hussain is. From writing scripts to acting in the movies to hosting awards shows and spreading laughter is his forte. The multi-talented Yasir Hussain is all set to try his hands on web series called Kaala Bichoo and for the pivotal role he has roped in Amna Ilyas.

The project is going to be a web-series that talks about the illegal issue of smuggling and selling black scorpions inside and outside Pakistan. Writer Bilawal Abbasi has made sure his script addresses the issue, not as a social awareness campaign but simply to educate people.

It’s a story of three friends who plans a trip to find black scorpions and the illegal smuggling of them to international markets because of their worth. The idea of making it a web series because the makers don’t want any boundaries which are set by censor board. The release date is not yet finalized but this is surely going to be a treat for all of us!


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