Zainab’s killer arrested, admits to accusation

As per reports, the culprit in Zainab’s murder case has been captured. The leap forward turned out after DNA tests, from neighbors inside 2 kilometers of Zainab’s home, were tried.

After outcomes turned out, the DNA test for the guilty party coordinated with that of a man named Imran Ali. The said-suspect has been captured by Police after authority affirmation of the test outcomes. The captured individual is a relative of Zainab, living in the area adjoining Zainab’s home.


The killer lives close Kot Road and has apparently admitted to the wrongdoing too. Police previously captured Imran Ali yet he was discharged after brief cross examination.

The suspect, in any case, fled after his initial cross examination to some place around Phoolnagar and Pakpatan. After the DNA test comes about police led diverse strikes and captured the presume today. The specialists will in all likelihood educate general society about this significant advancement in a question and answer session today.

Punjab government framed a Joint Investigation Team following the nation wide dissents against Zainab’s frightful murder. The dissents brought about two killings in conflicts amongst Police and the nonconformists.

He should now be hanged infront of everyone as only then the people and family members of Zainab will get justice. He should be given the same torture through which the little Zainab went through.

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