Zalima! ‘Karak’ Chai se ‘Karak’ Coca-Cola?

Zalima! ‘Karak” Chai se ‘Karak’ Coca-Cola?

Coca-Cola has always led the charge in redefining industry norms through its advertising. Whether it is emotional, feel good content like Coke Studio for the Deaf, or now their TVCs in the latest campaign “Zalima, Chai Nahi Coca-Cola Pila De”.

The campaign, a strategic shift towards positioning Coca-Cola as a substitute for Chai, has become talk of the town in the industry, marketing circles and amongst social media users. So far we have seen two TVCs, one representing an office scenario during the afternoon tea break and featuring the ever so hot Ayesha Linnea with the dreamy Sikandar Rizvi, and the other depicting a post wedding situation featuring a cute Shaz Khan and the beautiful Maya Ali as an unbelievably pretty bride. Both ads have come courtesy of a Brand and Creative team we have known for a long time for their boldness, and the directorial genius of The Vision Factory.

Of course, some citizens of this Chai loving nation are taking mild offense at the thought of Coca-Cola even suggesting they replace their beloved Chai with anything else. But very few people know that Chai is in fact a part of our colonial heritage and in itself an adopted beverage, and also that Coca-Cola is in fact a very good substitute to recharge yourself when you take a break. Not to mention, I never understand how people can have hot Chai instead of a refreshing ice-cold Coca-Cola in the intense summer heat of Pakistan!

The best part of the TVCs – Ayesha and Sikandar becoming eye candy and giving us hot couple goals, while Shaz and Maya giving us cute couple shaadi goals. The first ad conveys the uncontrollable desire for Coca-Cola without saying a word, while in the second ad Shaz sees how Maya longs for a Coca-Cola and requests his dadi (who offered Chai) “Zalima, Coca-Cola Pila De” in the cutest way ever!

Last but not the least, Coke with its new campaign and TVCs has broken the traditional barriers of Chai, and paved a way for something more interesting. We can’t wait to see what’s next in this campaign. Zalima, I for one will take a Coca-Cola over Chai any day!


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