All about Video games you need to know


Everything you need to know about Video Games

More than 70 years ago a scientist started working on a thing which was not heard by anyone in the past “VIDEO GAMES”. In 1962 first game was invented with a video display on mainstream computers.

In the past few years, the gaming industry has evolved a lot. Not more than 20 years ago we were not able to imagine the technology that we have right now. When this phenomena started, no one believed that this idea will be an everyday part of people’s life.

The first consumer-ready video game hardware, the console came to the market in 1970. After that, there were many ups and downs because of the lack of technology and the main reason no one gave importance or had awareness.

Markets also crashed because of poor video games. After that consumer lost their interest as well as confidence in major companies working on games. But when the technology grew with time, the video game industry started flourishing.

In the first, every company worked on consoles so that they can make some good games but when CD-ROMs and 3d-graphic rendering were introduced in computer microprocessors, people started switching to that. Nintendo and Sega were the companies that worked a lot on consoles and they were competing to share the market. But when Sony came in with their PlayStation console, everything else was side-lined.


In the early 2000s, Microsoft joined the market and introduced its Xbox line. These consoles were supposed to displace personal computers.


Microsoft and Sony then worked really hard to develop hardware for top-end consoles. Nintendo and Sega started diminishing from the market when Sony came into the market. But after some time Nintendo came again to the market with an innovative idea and developed WII with motion-sensing controls. This drew the attention of gamers as well as non-traditional players and helped to resecure Nintendo’s position in the market. This idea was brought forward with the same model and released Nintendo switch.


Between the 2000s and 2010s, the industry started shifting to mobile gaming on smartphones and tablets displaced handheld consoles, and then casual gaming was an increasing sector of the market.


Then online games came to the market where you were able to play multiplayer games on your consoles and PCs. Then companies shifted toward Paid-Subscription based games and people around the world were not that much into it but when these multiplayer games shifted to smartphones everything was reversed. People took interest in these Paid-Subscription games and these games covered a large area in the industry. Because every other person who didn’t know the g of games started playing these multiplayer games because they are easy to play on mobile phones.

Today’s gaming industry is on another level and it is still growing. People are also making money by streaming these games on YouTube and by recording videos and posting them on YouTube. Children also love to watch these games on YouTube as well as to play these games.


The latest edition of Sony consoles is PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s latest edition console is the Xbox series x.



Junaid Ahmed

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