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Myths VS facts about Covid19!

Written by: Emraan Ali Merchant

This is the most communicated advice making round the globe these days, and also there are SO MANY conspiracy theories and myths surrounding COVID-19, so I had another go at them here.

Today I am going to discuss some of the most common conspiracy and myths I have seen and heard out these days.

Its myth BUSTED time!!

Myth # 1.

“Will sipping water every 15 minutes prevent a Coronavirus Infection?” Japanese Doctors treating COVID-19 cases say that you should ensure your mouth and throat are moist, never dry, so make sure you are taking a few sips of water every 15 minutes!!”

Skeptical to the source I don’t know if necessarily Japanese doctors came out and said this, but there is partial truth to it. If you have dry mucous membrane, they are more likely to crack. When they crack, you actually have a higher possibility of getting infected with the virus. So yeah, you should be well-Hydrated. You should be drinking. Will it protect you a hundred percent?? “NO” But it is a good way to make sure that you are doing the best you can stay healthy.

Myth # 2.

“Are hand dryers effective in killing the new coronavirus?” or “Hand dryers are effective at killing coronavirus?”

I don’t think that’s the case, It certainly hasn’t been proven. Also doctors recommends drying your hands through the air dry method, which is you just naturally let your hands dry, or using a paper towel. Reason being, there was a study that actually talked about on this that shows those ultra-high speed dryers actually blow bacteria or viruses all over the place. Especially if you don’t wash your hand well. With this virus having fecal-oral spread, meaning that toilets, sinks, can be quite messy, especially in public restrooms, you don’t want to be blowing that bacteria or virus all over the place.

So, “NO” I don’t think air dryers will kill the virus. I don’t think you should be using them.

Myth # 3.

“You can create your own sanitizer using TITIO’s vodka”!!

I was always gonna say like YEAH! It is possible to create NOT with vodka!! Not with Tito’s Vodka, or any other wine or liquor, I actually think Tito’s vodka came out and make a statement on this because people were doing this based off a TikTok Video. So, “No”, you cannot use Tito’s vodka, which I think is only 40% alcohol to create a hand sanitizer like that. It is not just recommended. If you are gonna be using some kind of disinfectant, the recommendation would be to use rubbing alcohol. That being said, soap and water, soap and water, soap and water!!

Myth # 4.