Everyone needs their Fashion closet girls!


Every girl/woman needs to watch The Bold Type series at least once and I promise it will soon become your go-to show. The story revolves around different characters who are all set to excel in their careers. The way they overcome their obstacles and show support reflects deeper friendship. Everyone is invested in making a bold choice and raising their voices. The show portrays how despite being a feminist magazine and talking vocally about every issue they are still run and answerable to board members who are all men. however, this doesn’t stop them from highlighting the issues they face or need to address. Every individual is adamant on taking risks and carving out their own identities.

For me, the most inspiring character is Jane. she has a strong-headed personality and is an inspiration to all millennial women out there. The show has talked about subjects that are otherwise considered taboo. The have talked about BRCA cancer gene and shown the entire journey as Jane has it. Her friends stuck with her to the end and that I believe is really important. A motivating boss also lifts you up in ways you can’t imagine. The show holds conversations about cheating, gender privileges, racial and class differences, exploring sexual inclinations, yeast infections and yoni eggs. they place great emphasis on digitization and talk about the problem’s women face on daily basis especially related to health insurance.

I love how they promote body positivity! Every step of the way, through every episode you feel connected to one of the characters one way or the other. We have all come across issues the show has talked about for e.g., custody battles, unfaithful partners, broken relationships, assaults, love and loss. The cast itself is diverse and the way Bold Type has touched and revolved around such issues is absolutely impressive.

Usually at work we run to powder room or pantry to talk about our issues but that’s unconventional for the three characters in this series. As Sutton Brady states, “We don’t do washrooms, we do closets.” They share their thoughts, take out their frustrations and anger in front of their best friends which helps them feel better and gives them a fresher perspective on things.

The writers have tried to pen down individual perspectives and appearances. They have tried to unfold the issues women face in their professional lives. For e.g., Kat is biracial she has her own set of issues, Jane has a genetic medical history so she has her own set of problems and Sutton had an alcoholic mother with an unpleasant childhood. We see how their personal lives also impact their professional lives and the way they tackle them is inspiring! As the show progresses, we see how all characters evolve. We even get a taste of failing feminism and quiet frankly all of us can relate to that. The mistakes each character makes, the way they get confused or are overthrown by the hurdles of life and the way they recover and come out stronger will touch you, inspire you and feel so natural.

Lastly, it is important to note the way multiple issues and subjects are tackled, it all seems so organic. One of the characters, Jane Sloan, goes through a double mastectomy to prevent herself from breast cancer, her entire journey shown feels so real. The way Kat’s character tackles the stigma is done so commendably. I believe this show was possible because of the female writers of the series who must have witnessed professional working woman face problems on daily basis and wanted to share their experiences through these characters making it an inspiring journey where each woman learns to respect each other and start to accept their body even after feeling vulnerable through the course of her life. This show teaches women to be resilient, strong and to raise voices. It teaches them to dress not just to impress but to feel like they can take control of their lives and can achieve everything.

So, grab popcorn, pizza and soda’s since you’re going to be glued to the screens for a while. Figure out which character you are and binge watch it with your fashion closet girls! Trust me you’ll thank me later.


Raviha Memon

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