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5 Reasons why you should be Excited for “Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay”

Whenever we talk about Pakistani drama serials, a recurring debate presents itself, few firmly agree that Pakistani drama promotes toxicity and a culture that literally teaches ways to spoil your immediate relationships whereas few see Pakistani drama as a tool to show prevailing social issues, it highlights few of the basic issues that are still present in our society.

In my opinion, both parties are right, drama serials have prompted unrealistic situations and their solutions which are far away from reality however once in a blue moon, the Pakistani television industry proudly presents a serial that blows our minds due to several reasons. The writing the acting and the story arc, everything is so balanced and perfect that fans remember these even after decades. another drama serial promises to be in that category.


“Hum Kahan Ke Sache that” is a drama serial that going to be on air soon on the hum television network, produced by none other than Momina Duraid who is responsible for the success of many stellar drama serials. Fans have a high expectation from this show and there are a lot of reasons for us to have high expectations. Firstly, the writer of this how is none other than Umaira Ahmed. People who are die-hard Urdu novel lovers would know her and her status in Urdu literature. Those who don’t know her allow me to introduce her. Umaira Ahmed is a brand herself. Her writing includes Pir e Kamil, Aab e Hayat and Shehr e Zaat. There is not a single shred of doubt that Umaira Ahmed’s writing would be short of anything. Her writing reflects the complexities churning inside a person she manages to entice the readers with a spiritual connection that only she can manage to do. Similarly, “Hum Kahan Ke sashay thay” seems to be nothing short of that. The teaser represents mystery, suspense and two women living in their own dimension and colliding later on.

The cast itself is so talented. To begin with, fans were over the moon when they saw Mahira Khan in the teaser, Mahira made her return to the Drama world with this show after 6 years. The first teaser reveals Mahira khan as the protagonist who seems to be tormented by her past and paying price for his parents’ actions. The character’s depth reflects through her eyes and subtle expressions in some scenes we see her being taken away to jail.

The second teaser reveals Kubra Khan assumingly playing an antagonist, Kubra khan has grown to be one of the finest actors in Pakistani entertainment, she made her mark when in the drama serial “Alif”, she essayed the role of a former actress turned mother. The critics and fans loved her. In HKKST Kubra plays a happy go lucky type of character who seems to not care about the world however she does have few tragedies which she deals with alone.

Lastly, the final teaser reveals Usman Mukhtar who seems to be caught between the two ladies, the teaser doesn’t reveal much about his character however any character played by Usman turns out to be great, as if the character was only written for him.

We are impatiently waiting for HKKST, fans are really excited to watch their favourite stars. For us, this show is a hit, but let’s wait till the end of the show.

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