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7 Mehndi Songs for The Wedding Season That You Can’t Miss

Winter season has another name if you are a Pakistani; the shaadi season! And a Pakistani shaadi comes with weeks of preparations, shopping, and dance practices for the legion of events that are a part of our wedding festivities. The most popular and exciting event in a Pakistani wedding is albeit, the mehndi. Colorful, vibrant, happening, and filled with glamour and music with iconic dance playlists, mehndi is an event that everyone enjoys! This wedding season we put together 7 best mehndi dance songs for you, so save this list and celebrate with these hit tunes!

  1. Telenor Wedding Song – #MoreSeZyadaEntertainment

Top your mehndi dance playlist with the Party Kar Le More Se Zyada Telenor song! With this upbeat dance song and the unique choreography in its video, you can give the best mehndi dance performance while having the time of your life. The beat lets you add an energetic touch to your dance moves and gets everyone dancing to the tune. This entertaining, desi wedding song can be a great showstopper or an iconic beginning to fuel a night of fun and non-stop partying!

  1. Billo Hai

This Punjabi number will definitely be a hit among your guests! Billo Hai from the movie Parchi has dynamic, fun vibes, which will make everyone step on the dance floor and dance like no one’s watching. Even your old uncles and shy cousins won’t be able to resist the beat of this festive song!

  1. Haye Dil Bechara

Melodious and catchy, this popular mehndi dance song from the movie Parey Hut Love is a perfect hit for properly choreographed group dances. It has an emotional appeal with a beat that is neither too fast nor slow. Plan dance steps for the entire family to perform on this trendy mehndi song or get your friends and cousins to pair up for a lively dance routine!

  1. Dharak Bharak

This track is the ultimate boy gang mehndi dance song that the groom can perform with his friends to stun everyone! Cool dance steps with groovy tunes; this number, from the movie Superstar, is a hit in getting everyone moving and a great fusion of desi dhol beats with electrifying guitar notes.

  1. Noori

Add this song to your mehndi playlist, and swirl and flaunt your bridal glow and gharara with some thumkaas on the festive beat.

  1. Lar Gaiyan

This composition by Shiraz Uppal from the movie Dobara Phir Se is the ultimate addition to your playlist if you want to have a memorable dholki night with dance moves that make everyone want to dance dobara phir se.

  1. Chhalawa

Are you a party animal? Then you shouldn’t miss this mehndi song when you are making a playlist for your wedding. Whether you want to dance freestyle on the music or impress your guests with thoroughly practiced and professionally choreographed dance moves, Chhalawa is the song to dance to.

Try these super-fun, best mehndi dance songs from our list, and get ready to woo everyone!

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