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The truth about separation anxiety.

We all have heard about anxiety. Now let me introduce you to separation anxiety. Yes it exists and it’s very real. Not going to lie I am totally overwhelmed with it right now because my youngest brother is all set to leave the country to pursue further studies. Talk about major separation anxiety.

What is separation anxiety?

This is when a person has a fear of being parted from someone they love, family or a pet. While many people may associate separation anxiety with children, it is also very prevalent in adults. 

Separation anxiety may manifest itself as nausea, headaches and sore throat. The mental stress may overtake us and turn into physical symptoms. 

The symptoms may somewhat look like this:

  • Unusual distress
  • The feeling of something harming their loved ones
  • Heightened fear of being alone 
  • Needing to know where a spouse or loved one is to ensure they are okay

Separation anxiety may stem from childhood experiences where they may have to be away from someone they love and are dependent on. 

Sometimes it enables people to categorise adults as overprotective or controlling but it is simply the fear or being away or alone from their loved ones. 

Sometimes a traumatic event may trigger this anxiety and create fear. 

It’s not easy living with separation anxiety but it is essential to not let it control you. 

For now, I’m going to go be sad about my little brother leaving. 🥺

Until next time. 

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