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Leaving the bed each day when the sun raises makes me feel miserable. Every ray keeps screaming at me but I choose to stay! It’s not the story of just one student but a person everyday! Ask me how it’s like to wake up with the thought of boring courses, unfair teachers, quizzes, hourly’s or looking at the people you hate, everyday.

After you have managed to clear the thoughts of the day; cold shower sprinkles water on your face with the hope of having a better day today. You dress up pretty; you put in efforts to look brawny, spurt on good cologne and put up your liner with faultlessness. You take in all the energy that you have gathered from the past days and finally step outside for the day. The journey gives you the breeze, a thought that wants you to feel animated and overwhelmed but the delightfulness ends with the journey with crushing your hope to have fun just this day. Stepping outside is the hardest; realizing you have a class for 2 hours  of the course that will give you nothing in future is the most excruciating thought of the day.

I feel trapped every day, trapped for the rest 4years of my life days but then I see the face of my best friends, the constants I had from the first day. It drives my energy to finish the day, we share all the gossips or turn to play. Just when it starts to feel better, a girl with an unattractive personality turns her face to me. “God! Why was I friends with her” sweeps me away…. Later I see a radiant face on my way. Gosh, he is out of my league, makes me smile inside with a hope of happiness, chalo aj kuch tou acha hogaya!

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My parents told me while I was doing my Olevels “kuch din parhlo, phir it’s all rainbows tumharay liyay” but even in my last year of academia I am waiting for that rainbow to come out and flounce me away. My dearest, it was all a myth, no rainbow is going to make its way until you try to keep yourself joyful every day. Give yourself the pampering you deserve, no one is going to turn your back away. You are the master of your own desire, learn how to rule in the kingdom of your own, pursue the chances you get to have fun and live your life like it’s the last day of the human race.



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