What’s being the future of our health?

Staying indoors and eating all day long is pretty much ruining our health. Young lot is facing heart problems and every other disease that the generation before hadn’t even thought of in their youth. One of the reasons behind the lack of physical activity and giving importance to health is technology. Everyone is too busy chatting and what not that they ae unable to prioritize health and fitness. Seeing your friends over a walk used to be an excuse to get out of the house and burn a few calories but now people prefer to video call from their homes while munching on snacks.
Health and fitness is only limited to primary school essays these days. Parents need to force their kids to opt for outdoor activities rather than playing video games. Fresh air is essential for our body and an hour or so in sun is also important for vitamin D intake. Schools and colleges should make the students go for sports activities and promote physical fitness by conducting certain events regarding sports. Men and women, once cross their late twenties become lazy and busy in their social life. They forget about how important health and fitness is, which is an indication for the future generation as well. Adults who do not give importance to health and fitness end up suffering from depression and anxiety. To keep yourself and your entire family healthy, prioritize physical activity over your favorite drama serial and eat healthy.
Stay fit, Live fast, die young and leave a good-looking corpse.


FHM Pakistan

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