We Are All Addicts, Stop Denying!

We all know what an addiction is, it is when a person craves or is dependent on a certain substance or activity. Here are a list of things you might be addicted to:

  1. Sugar:

    Sugar is surprisingly addictive, if you leave sugar for a few days you are guaranteed to feel sad and upset. that is because sugar gives you an euphoric buzz.

  2. Lip Balm:

    Yes! Lip balm, everyone uses chap-sticks to maintain their lip moisture but some of these sticks contain phenol, menthol and camphor which are addictive.

  3. Work:

    That sounds stupid no? but work can also be addictive some workaholics get their high from the adrenaline rush they get while they are stressed for projects.

  4. Adventure & sports:

    For all those adrenaline junkies out there who get a “kick” when they’re traveling and/or playing sports. This is an addiction.

  5. Negativity:

    Constant negativity can become an addiction sooner or later. One might start enjoy being negative all the time and wanting to hurt or ridicule more.

  6. Smart Phones:

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    We are so used to being on social media 24/7 we get anxiety if we do not check our phone every 20 minutes.

  7. Gaming:

    Video games are great fun but they have a huge risk of taking over your life.

  8. Television:

    Old TV Show
    Does the thought of missing out on a drama episode stress you? Well, you have your answer there.

  9. Love:

    You read it right, L O V E.  Not much explanation is needed for that is there?

  10. Exercise:

    You must be thinking, but its healthy. Let me tell you too much of a good thing can be bad for you too. You can get addicted to the time to time release of endorphin you get while working out.


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