The Only Brand Which Understands Its Market So Well!


In this holy month of Ramadan, everyone and everything takes a u-turn towards religion. It’s like modesty in the air which doesn’t last more than 30 days. But modest fashion is something which can be done 365 days. The daddy of retail brands – Khaadi understands the market so well that their new head scarf campaign will set a positive trend.


Khaadi’s designs always depicts traditional and cultural elements in every collection. Images and a video floating on social media shows how Khaadi has come up with different ways of wrapping Khaadi’s range of digitally-printed and hand-woven scarves, now thats some amazing reinvention.

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Saira Shamoon, Head of Design at Khaadi, explains, “Islamic fashion is in trend and a lot of young people are covering their heads. We are simply showing alternative ways of wearing the headscarf, looking modest and trendy at the same time.”

So next time you visit the store, don’t forget to check out these cool heard-scarves!

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