OMG, Look What Sonam Kapoor Did During A Photoshoot


Sonam Kapoor is known as the only Actress whose fashion sense has never really stopped to amaze us. She is also the only fashion risk-taker. Recently she did a photoshoot for Harper Bazar Magazine.


Her photoshoot is already going viral on the internet. Why? Because what she did, will make you try on yourself. She is looking smoking hot in all of these pictures.

utyh Sonam Kapoor bridal bazar 5 Sonam Kapoor bridal bazar 4 Sonam Kapoor bridal bazar 3 Sonam Kapoor bridal bazar 1_0

The creative part of the photoshoot is the fake eyelashes she used. They are not only fake but they are actually paper-cut eyelashes. These lashes are making her look violent and attractive both at the same time.


To make sure that all the attention was on Sonam’s fabulous lashes, Namrata kept the actress’s face soft and subtle. Well this magic was expected when we see these two working together.



Sonam always knows how to turn heads towards her. Whether she is exhibiting a normal eye makeup or sporting trendy smoked eye. She knows how to look different from everyone. That’s why she is called the fashionista of Bollywood.

We would love to see more of Sonam’s amazing looks, and yeah I really want to try these lashes.


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