Adnan Sami’s another strike on ‘Surgical Strike’

adnan sami surgical strike

Since past few days, Adnan Sami is in the news due to his tweets regarding Pakistan and India’s ‘Surgical Strike.’ Once again, at the India Today Safaigiri Awards, he drew an example of current situation with reference of garbage and terrorism. He said,

“If I see garbage flowing from my neighbour’s house and entering my house, I will complain against it to my neighbour. However, if the neighbour fails to do that, I will enter his house and clean the garbage myself, because you couldn’t clean the garbage, I had to enter your house and clean it.”

Instead of showing his patriotism towards his former country he said,

 “For years, Pakistan has been saying that they too are victims of terrorism. Here, when your neighbour is helping you out, you don’t want to even acknowledge it.”

He is somehow urging Pakistan to join hands with India to eliminate terrorism. Trying to make an impact that Pakistan cannot handle the elimination of terrorism all alone? Well, if Adnan Sami thinks people are taking it personally then yes, every citizen will take it personally because of the statements he is giving to stay in the lime-light. He is claiming that he hasn’t hurt the sentiments of Pakistanis and also that,

“An enemy that has been hurting both the nations and the rest of the world, too. If anything, Pakistan should thank India for finishing the terrorists.”

In my opinion, Adnan Sami is an artist. Rather than focusing on what is happening on a political level, he should focus on his not-so-amazing career. His words are not creating any peace between two countries, but creating hatred which will take decades to settle down, one again.


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