#AirblueKissing trending at no.1

Yesterday a couple was seen kissing on a local Airblue flight which received massive backlash from the passengers of the flight. One of the passengers onboard also lodged an official complaint withCAA (Civil Aviation Authority). The couple was seated in the 4th row and started kissing each other. Seeing this the fellow passengers complained to the staff and an airhostess requested them to stop. Ignoring her request, the couple kept going on upon which the Airhostess provided them with a blanket to take their matters undercovers. Upon confrontation on their action the couple responded aggressively saying, “Who are you to tell us anything”.

The fact that this story is number one on trending in Pakistan is quite worrisome. What is even more worrisome is the fact that people took to twitter to defend the actions of this couple. I mean what is the point of highlighting such a story to an extent that it has been trending in the whole country since morning. Let’s have a look at how Pakistani Netizens have responded on twitter.


Salman Masood

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