Benefits and uses of Roses that will leave you in awe!


If we reflect in history, flowers have been used traditionally for over a thousand years for its cultural significance and medicinal properties. They have been looked as natural and organic methods of healing in the form of rose tea as well as are a vital part of the beauty industry.

What role do roses play in the health and wellness industry?


Roses are quite a prominent part of the health and wellness plus beauty industry for quite a long time. They have immense healing properties and immaculate benefits when it comes to either internal or external factors. Roses have been used for extracting oil, rose water, flavour for rose tea as well as being used for the base notes of many perfumes.

In this article, I will be discussing the numerous benefits of incorporating rose tea in your daily lifestyle plus how you can add rose water to your skin care routine and get glowing, healthy, and fresh skin. The best part? I will share a DIY recipe that will be a perfect fit for this summer and leave your skin happy and hydrated.   

Why should rose tea should be a part of your lifestyle?

Many of you will be amazed to learn about the benefits rose tea has to offer. Apart from its flavourful profile and calming effects, rose tea has been used since hundreds of years and continues to be a major part of the heath and wellness industry.

Benefits of Rose Tea


Promises ultimate hydration. Mix it in with your moisturisers, masks and cleanse your skin regularly with it for the best results. Rose tea contributes to your consumption of water which is beneficial for long term maintenance of weight.

Weight loss

As rose tea is an excellent way to reduce insulin resistance, it helps in reducing bloating and leads to gradual weight loss.


Rich in antioxidants

Since rose tea is so high in antioxidants, it is a brilliant source for those looking to revitalise their overall system.  

Hormonal balance

Rose tea is extremely beneficial for women that suffer from PCOS or hormonal disbalance. Rose tea is a natural method to alleviate menstrual pain and regulate the hormones. Due to it’s healing properties, rose tea has been my personal favourite drink to consume as compared to caffeine or sugary drinks.

Stress buster

Feeling overwhelmed or worked up? Brew a cup of rose tea and let your senses relax! It will make you feel like you are in seventh heaven as it instantly relieves the body of fatigue, muscle aches as well as any mental stress.


Benefits of Rose Water

Soothing and anti-inflammatory

For those of us that have sensitive skin, rose water can be a great way to sooth and relieve symptoms of sunburn. It can be used for skin that quickly reacts to additives or chemicals in products

Reduces puffiness in eyes

Spray some cool rose water onto a cotton ball and place It on your eyes for an instant depuffing!

Anti-septic and anti-bacterial

It is an active ingredient that fights against infections due to its antimicrobial properties. It protects skin against pollution, harmful additives or chemicals as well as dirt. It is an excellent toner as well as skin care product for acne prone skin and can be used as a daily cleanser as long as the rose water is of high quality and pure.


Hydrates and refreshes skin

During summer, a spritz from a cool bottle of rose water calms our skin and refreshes it. Daily use of rose water is bound to leave you with glowing skin.

Maintains the skins natural PH balance

Rose water helps restores the skins natural PH balance specially if it has been damaged due to harsh chemicals in products or

Adds a shine to your hair

Spray some rose water onto wet hair after conditioning them, with time, your hair should feel glossier, smoother, healthier and naturally shinier.

Naturally reduces dandruff

Who knew rose water could help with an itchy or flaky scalp? Try it out and make your hair shine through all year round!

Brilliant makeup setter

Looking for a quick fix? Rose water is the perfect solution to all your make up worries.




2 tablespoon oats

2 tablespoon rose water

2 teaspoon honey

Grind the oats in a coarse texture, mix all the ingredients. Apply for 15 minutes and remove in circular motions while exfoliating your skin.

These were the various benefits that roses have to offer in the form of either rose tea or rose water. They are a personal favourite and I ensure to incorporate them in my daily routine. I hope you all try it out and lead a happier, healthier, and fulfilling life.

Until next time!


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