“These allegedly haunted places in Islamabad will make your skin crawl”

The capital of Pakistan, Islamabad is undeniably a beautiful city. Peaceful and calm, the town is a perfect break out while you are uninterested in your busy, hectic routine. Without moving into any problem of traffic or noise pollution of non-stop honks at the roads, Islamabad is a perfect city.

That is what a lot of us Pakistanis, such as myself believe that there are certain places in Islamabad which are stated to be haunted.

With the nights so lonely and the trees, thickets, and woods throwing their shadows all around, , the superstitions within the minds of locals arise, knowing how the city is packed with mountains, empty roads, and mysterious locations. On the off chance that you are an Islamabadi or someone who has visited the town frequently, you would possibly need to share your experience with us after analyzing these allegedly haunted places:

  1. Buddhist graveyard sector F-6Various travelers and other individuals have asserted that they heard crying and foot noises of jinns after they visited the Buddhist graveyard.

    1. Trail -3 Margalla Hills

    While local people and explorers cherish climbing their way to the top, the trail 3 is professedly said to be haunted when travelers heard stirs and whispers in the woods during evening time.

    1. Kachnar park, sector 1-8

    While many have expressed the unpleasant news of the Kachnar Park is fake, various people have shared their concerns when they visited the park during the night time.

    1. Shah Allah Ditta caves, sector D-12

    Established 700 years ago, the Shah Allah Ditta Caves is old to the point that the place is said to be plunging down. Given how old it is, the travelers have shared how they trust it is haunted as they heard voices of people conversing with each other during the night time.


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