Let Rafhan transform your meetha this Eid

Meethi Eid has always been about the meetha. Who can resist that first spoonful of sweetness that bursts into your mouth announcing the arrival of Eid. But… there’s something boring about being served a sheer khorma everywhere you go.

So why not try something different this year? Transform your eid trolley with Rafhan’s new Shahi Tukray recipe. Prepare some scrumptious Shahi Tukray made fluffy by the addition of creamy Rafhan Custard that would leave a sweet and subtle aftertaste of saffron in your mouth. We promise you, your guests will never look at shahi tukray the same way again!

With a new look, Rafhan has been making waves this year, launching their new recipes and selling out at the Karachi Eat Festival. Partnering with the immensely talented celebrity chef, Amna Tauqeer, Rafhan is set to transform your eid trolley, whether it’s a new take on our favourite shahi tukray or celebrating the mango season with Rafhan’s mango tarts.


FHM Pakistan

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