Amancio Ortega & Bill Gates swap places as “world’s richest man”

When everyone’s busy in the race of getting higher, achieving goals, beating eachother, taking over places, how can the richest people stay behind?

Founder of Zaara Amancio Ortega and Bill Gates are also busy in getting the seat of “the world’s richest man”

Amancio Ortega overtook Bill Gates as the richest man in the world. In a single day Amancio’s shares of his retail giant inditex increased 2.5% and boosted his fortune by $1.7 Billion but that was only for a day, on friday morning Bill Gates again became the richest man on Earth as Inditex shares dropped down to 2.8% bringing total numbers down to $77.8 Billion, then 45 minutes later Amancio was ahead and 10 minutes after that Bill Gates again gained his position of being the richest man on Earth.

Looks like this race is not going to end so soon. Bill Gates is leading at $79.3 Billion and Amancio is holding $77.5 Billion. Lets see who is going to win this race. For now they are busy swapping places.


Yumna Tirmizi

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