Angelina Jolie seeks support from Johnny Depp after her split from Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie seeks Johnny Depp's support after her split from Brad Pitt

According to latest reports, Angelina Jolie is seeking support from Jhonny Depp after separating from Brad Pitt.

The actress has been discussing her broken marriage with the disturbed star, and Depp even appointed his divorce lawyer Laura Wasser to stand for her, based on Johnny’s recommendation.

“Angelina idolized Johnny for years before she worked with him on The Tourist, and then the pair really hit it off on set.”

There is no proposition that Angelina and Brad’s split has anything to do with Johnny, who recently divorced Amber Heard.

Since that time, the two of them have stayed in touch, and spoke regularly during the storm that surrounded Johnny’s break up with Amber.

Meanwhile, Brad is allegedly so distressed over Angelina’s denial to allow him to meet their children that he is hoping her father, movie legend Jon Voight, will intercede as a mediator.

“Brad has made an effort to make contact and is keen to try and improve the situation between them,” a source close to the situation told. “He’s hoping his good relationship with Angelina’s family will help to build bridges. He’s spoken to her dad Jon and hopes he may be able to play peacemaker.”



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