Young prince George rejected a high-five from Justin Trudeau

Young prince George rejected a high-five from Justin Trudeau

Looks like the little prince George was not in a mood bond with the Canada Prime Minister Justine Trudeau.

When the Royal family visited Canada, Trudeau greeted and knelt down to offer Prince George, his hand. The attempted high-five backfired when Prince George showed no interest in bonding with the prime minister.

Trudeau joked with the family, saying, “As any parent traveling with children knows, it’s a whole different experience when you bring your family with you.”

Before leaving Canada on October 1st, the couple is expected to have more than 30 engagements, including with aboriginal Canadian communities.

Whatever you say this is by far the cutest video, I am sure when little Prince George grows old, he will definitely laugh after watching this video and maybe he’s going to regret for not bonding with Justine Trudeau.


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